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Google Marketing

Submit your nail salon information on Google Business so customers can easily find it.

Boost the salon's 5-star rating on Google to increase your salon's reliability and competition compared to other salons that don't use our service, and walk-in customers will prioritize which salons have higher rank to come.

Marketing and SEO keywords to help your salon on the first page on Google Search.


Facebook Marketing

Create, manage pages, upload information and update new information for your salon.

Increase Recommendation of your salon on Facebook to help your salon increase the reliability and competitiveness compared to other salons that don't use our services, and current customers will prioritize to choose which salons have the higher rank to come.

Marketing and running Ads help your store become more popular with customers.



You can choose website templates designed according to Website Design 2019 standards.

Easily put all the information of your salon on the website for customers to track and book appointments through the built-in application.

Support editing, changing content, images when customers need.

Create coupons, promotions for customers on the occasion of Sales, Holidays, encourage returning customers to your salon.


Graphic & Video Design

Logo design for your salon.

Design images, videos according to each customer's specific requirements.

Create videos to promote your salon's best-selling products - Digital Signage, easy to use with just a compact USB stick and a smart TV.


Custom Services

We also provide design solutions for each customer's individual needs, as long as you have an idea, we will solve the remaining problems.

Options packages vary from graphic, website to application. We will offer solutions that best serve your business.

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Go! Nail Spa & Check-in App

A website – a completely new application that links to all nail salons across the USA. Give you a completely different experience from other platforms. So what can you do with Go! Nail Spa & Check-in App?

  • Introduce your salon information to everyone.
  • Advertise effectively with our priority ads system.
  • Go! Nail Spa provides a free website for you with full information of your salon.
  • The evaluation and comment system helps customers choose suitable nail salons for them.
  • Associate with POS System to help salon owners manage their salons remotely.
  • Check-in App helps to increase customer loyalty at your business.
  • Along with many other useful functions to serve your needs.

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